PPSA Code of Conduct
(Tenth Edition) - January 2004

The following terminology has been extracted from the relevant sections from the latest 'PPSA Code of Conduct'. As detailed within the Code, you are required to read the following extracts from the Code before receiving calls from clients.
Service providers (and agents working on their behalf) must actively discourage callers from seeking or giving out surnames, places of work, addresses or telephone numbers, or arranging or attempting to arrange any meeting while connected to a live service.
Service providers (and agents working on their behalf) must ensure that reasonable endeavours to prevent persons under 18 years of age from taking part in any live service.
If an operator (agent) has reasonable grounds, upon questioning the caller, to suspect that the caller is under 18, the Service Provider/agent must end the call.
If a caller has been connected to the live service for a significant amount of time without speaking, he must be prompted to speak and, if he does not then speak, he must be cut off.
PPSA are empowered to engage in random monitoring of conversations to check that the conditions of this Code are being compiled with. As all calls are recorded, this means that they can access any call made for a period of up to 12 months.

Sexual entertainment live services
Sexual entertainment live services are services of a clearly sexual nature or any services for which the associated promotional material is of a clearly sexual nature, or indicates directly, or implies, that the service is of a sexual nature.
Callers to live services must be warned, (if and when it becomes necessary), that rules apply governing dis allowable conversation. The Code states that services indicating violence, sadism or cruelty, or be of a repulsive or horrible nature are not permitted. The Code also makes reference to the use of foul language. Therefore, due and appropriate consideration should be applied by the operator. This aside, it is generally acknowledged that the call may be of a sexual nature and therefore a conversation may contain words/phrases of a sexual nature.

An operator must be 18 years of age or over.
Personal details and meetings
For your own safety please do not meet with callers no matter how genuine they sound. You are putting yourself at risk.
Underage callers
If you genuinely feel that a caller is underage please terminate the call, say to the caller
“I think that you are underage, I am going to have to terminate the call.” Inform a supervisor.

Silent callers
If the caller doesn’t speak you have to ask him to speak, say if you don’t speak I am going to assume you are under the age of 18 and I am going to terminate the call. Then tell a supervisor.

Incest, bestiality, underage.
Anyone found speaking about this subject will not be paid for this call, and moneys owed may be with held! Under no circumstances do you speak about these subjects.
Please warn the caller, say to him if you don’t change the conversation I will have to terminate the call.

Calls are routinely monitored do not put the phone down and you must warn the caller you are going to terminate the call.

Should any aspect of the Code be amended in the future, we shall notify you of such changes in writing